Research Areas

Brief Research Description

Scientists can now shrink laboratory processes to portable, chip-based formats, and manipulate minute fluid volumes in such microenvironments. Dr. Guenther’s research team investigates transport processes associated with micro/nanoscale flows with the goal of establishing dynamically changing microenvironments. Such conditions provide unique ways to probe complex chemical and biological systems and translate them into potentially disruptive technological solutions.

Handheld Bioprinter

  • Design and prototyping of a handheld bioprinter for in situ deposition of biomaterial sheets
  • Assessment of skin cell morphology and function in bioprinted 3D microenvironments
  • Analysis of bioprinted sheets on large area wound healing with porcine burn models

Microfluidic bioprinting of protein-based constructs

  • Developing microfluidic platforms for continuous production of aligned collagen constructs
  • Microfluidic extrusion of microfiber-based composite biomaterials
  • Applications in wound healing and tissue engineered vascular grafts