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Recent publications:

Gao, W.; Kanagarajah, K.R.; Graham, E.; Soon, K.; Veres, T.; Moraes, T.J.; Bear, C.E.; Veldhuizen, R.A.; Wong, A.P.; Günther, A. Collagen Tubular Airway-on-Chip for Extended Epithelial Culture and Investigation of Ventilation Dynamics” Small, 2309270, 2024

Ripken, R.M.; Wood, J.A.; Schlautmann, S.; Guenther, A.; Gardeniers, H.J.G.E.; Le Gac, S. “Towards Controlled Bubble Nucleation in Microreactors for Enhanced Mass Transport” Reach. Chem. Eng.6, 1869-1877, 2021

Gao, W.; Vaezzadeh, N.; Chow, K.; Chen, H.; Lavender, P.; Jeronimo, M.D.; McAllister, A.; Laselva, O.; Jiang, J.X.; Gage, B.K.; Ogawa, S.; Ramchandran, A.; Bear, C.E.; Keller, G.M.; Guenther. A. “One‐Step Formation of Protein‐Based Tubular Structures for Functional Devices and Tissues” Adv. Healthc. Mater., 2021

Malladi, S.; Miranda-Nieves, D.; Leng, L.; Grainger, S.J.; Tarabanis, C.; Nesmith, A.P.; Kosaraju, R.; Haller, C.A.; Parker, K.K.; Chaikof, E.L.; Guenther, A. “Continuous Formation of Ultrathin, Strong Collagen Sheets with Tunable Anisotropy and Compaction” ACS Biomater. Sci. Eng., 6 (7), 4236–4246, 2020.

Cheng, R.; Eylert, G.; Gariepy, J.-M.; He, S.; Ahmad, H.; Gao, Y.; Priore, S.; Hakimi, N.; Jeschke, M.G.; Guenther, A. “Handheld instrument for wound-conformal delivery of skin precursor sheets improves healing in full-thickness burns” Biofabrication12 025002, 2020.

Hakimi, N.; Cheng, R.; Leng, L.; Sotoudehfar, M.; Ba, P.Q.; Bakhtyar, N.; Jeschke, M.G.; Guenther, A. “Handheld Skin Printer: In-Situ Formation of Planar Biomaterials and Tissues” Lab Chip, 18, 1440-1451, 2018.

Middleton, K.; Al-Dujali, S.; Guenther, A.; You, L. “Microfluidic co-culture platform for investigating osteocyte-osteoclast signalling during fluid shear stress mechanostimulation” J. Biomechanics, 59, 35-42, 2017.

Yasotharan, S.; Pinto, S.; Sled, J.G.; Bolz, S.S.; Guenther, A. “Artery-on-a-chip platform for automated, multimodal assessment of cerebral blood vessel structure and function”, Lab Chip, 15, 2660-2669, 2015.

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Abolhasani, M.; Kumacheva, E.; Guenther, A.; “Peclet Number Dependence of Mass Transfer in Microscale Segmented Gas–Liquid Flow”, Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 54 (36), 9046-9051, 2015.

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Lau E, Al-Dujaili S, Guenther A, Liu D.W., Wang L.Y., You L.D. “Effect of low-magnitude, high-frequency vibration on osteocytes in the regulation of osteoclasts” Bone 46 (6), 1508-1515, 2010.

Intellectual Property

Hakimi, N.; Cheng, R.; Leng, L.; Sotoudehfar, M.; Ba, P.Q.; Bakhtyar, N.; Jeschke, M.G.; Guenther, A. “Tissue Printer” PCT Patent Application, Priority Date: Oct 2016.

Leng, L.; Grainger, S.J.; Chaikof, E.L.; Guenther A. “Fluidic systems, devices and for inducing anisotropy in polymeric materials” US Patent Application No. 62/197,405, Priority Date: July 27, 2016

Chen, H.; Jeronimo.; McAllister A.; Guenther A. “Microfluidic devices and methods for the extrusion of tubular structures” US Patent Application No. US20160068385A1, Priority Date: Apr 30, 2013.

Leng, L.; McAllister, A., Wollard, A.; Guenther, A. “Devices and methods for producing controlled heterogeneity in planar materials using microfluidics” US Patent No. US US9764505B2.

Guenther A.; Bolz S.S. “Device for investigation of a flow conduit” family of granted patents including US Patent No. 8,790,874, Licensed

Yen B.K.H.; Guenther A.; Jensen K.F.; Bawendi M.G.; “Flow method and reactor for manufacturing nanocrystals”, US Patent No. 7,316,967, Licensed

Guenther A.; Jhunjhunwala M.; Jensen K.F.; Schmidt M.A.; “Fluid separation”, US Patent No. 8075778, Licensed