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We investigate and utilize dynamically changing flow situations at small scales to either study complex chemical or biological phenomena or organize matter in space and time. We use a combination of micro/nanofabrication approaches, analytical and numerical models and imaging modalities. By engineering simple microenvironments we are able to probe and abstract out a general principle behind an observed phenomenon. We aim at translating these principles to massively scaled, easy-to-use, well-integrated and fully automated fluidic microprocessors.



Handheld Bioprinter – Revertome – James Dyson Award Competition 

“Revertome” is a surgical instrument that delivers cells to treat severe burns, designed by the team members: Richard Cheng, Sijin He, Gertraud Eylert, Yizhou Gao, Hasan Ahmad, Navid Hakami, and Jean-Michel Gariepy.


U of T researchers develop portable 3D skin printer to repair deep wounds

University of Toronto researchers have developed a handheld 3D skin printer that deposits even layers of skin tissue to cover and heal deep wounds. The research, led by PhD student Navid Hakimi under the supervision of Associate Professor Axel Guenther of the Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering, and in collaboration with Dr. Marc Jeschke, director of the Ross Tilley Burn Centre at Sunnybrook Hospital and professor of immunology at the Faculty of Medicine, was recently published in the journal Lab on a Chip.